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Furniture-Art are experts  in restoration with skills that have been developed and honed over many years. Amongst the craftsmen and women that work  in the business there are  decades of  accumulated experience and all are bound by a  love for their  craft. Our business philosophy  is  to balance quality with a competitive edge.  The team have completed work on a huge range of furniture with  cost scales  ranging from 10's of pounds for  household items to jobs costing 1000's of pounds on some of the finest antique furniture in this country. 

We specialise  in the  traditional , modern and the  unusual and  are  worth talking  to  whatever your needs. Below are some examples of our work and services we offer, with many before and after photographs. 

Antique furniture restoration

Restoration of antiques always has challenges and the true art of the restorer is when the work is done no one should be conscious of his presence.... Everything should appear natural and as if the item of furniture has always looked as it is. We understand patina, we understand what makes something appear of its period and above all we understand beauty and that is why we are good restorers.

Modern Furniture

Restoration of modern furniture pieces while sharing many skills of antique restoration does have skills of its own. One of the main areas of difference is in the finishes used and the cleanliness of the final look. Much of this is down to the use of spray finishes. We can replicate most modern spray finishes and have a few tricks up our sleeve to deal with some of the more difficult issues associated with achieving the modern look.



Originally developed into an art form by the Egyptians it is a form of alchemy and fine gilding is the most seductive of all furniture finishes. The eye is never tired and continually drawn to its beauty. We offer both water and oil gilding as well as other decorative gold finishes and can age new gilding so it looks perfectly in place on antique restoration projects. Check out also our frame restoration page.



Our carving skills are the best and our portfolio for producing decorative carved items for all periods of furniture is extensive. We specialize in replicating all period and styles of carving and can design and create anything you may desire.



French Polishing

A finish that came to prominence in the 18th Century French polishing is still regarded as one of the finest finishes for revealing the grain and beauty of highly figurative woods like mahogany. While its beauty is unquestionable, its lack of durability has as always been a challenge. Heat rings, blooming, alcohol damage and scratches are frequent problems all of which we can make good.


Fabrics wear thin with time as do fashions and taste changes. It is one of the most impressive transformations we often create when we re-upholsterer a chair, stool or chaise- long. That old tatty piece of furniture in the corner becomes the eye-catching centrepiece of the room and in perfect harmony with the clients' more modern style.




Chair Restoration

The Chair is the piece of household furniture that often suffers the most effects of wear. The chair has a tough job with continually supporting the human frame and is constantly subjected to stresses created by movement and weight. Joints fail, components break and squeaks and wobbles develop. There is not a chair yet that we have failed to put back together and make sound again. The results from using modern expanding glues are exceptional and often make the chair much more durable than it ever was previously.


Paint Finishes

Paint finishes are always susceptible to wear and tear but note that the right kind of wear and tear can have a beauty all of its own and the distressed paint finish is an incredibly desirable finish. We understand paint and can restore or create the look you want whether its shabby sophisticated or perfect finish – Furniture-Art can help.




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"We asked Furniture-Art to build us a pair of bookcases which we wanted to be both functinal and decorative. They 'got it ' straight away and came up with an elegant design which echoed other features in the room. We are delighted with the result" Robert Dudley


"Furniture-Art recently framed some precious family photos for me. They gave me great advice and the work carried out was to a high standard. The service was excellent and efficient .. very happy ! " Ed Cyster

"Furniture-Art have restored several pieces of antique furniture for me. Their work is beautiful, they are completely reliable, first class craftsmen." Mrs. Chapman


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