Part 2 An Amazing Transformation ----- Blue Fabric Re-Upholstered Button Armchair -----

An Amazing Transformation continues the series of articles about our restored and reupholstered blue button armchair.

Before this type of restoration can be completed, you need to be certain that the choice of material and fabric style will complement the restored item, as well as our customers’ living or drawing room.             

It is so important to get the right material for the environment that a chair will live in. Get it right and you can make even the most dated item of furniture shout style and class within your interior design styles.   

Before the chair could be recovered and re-upholstered, we needed to ensure that all the underlying structure was sound and sturdy. It is crucial that the structural repairs stage of the restoration is done correctly as there is no going back to tweak things after the re-upholstering and the new fabric has been fitted! We needed to be sure of its underlying strength because chairs take all sorts of strains and stresses. You do not want it giving way for years, if not decades.

The chair has some period turned legs with castors; the castors had broken out of their wooden fittings so new sections needed to be made and cut in. The completed restored chair shows no traces of the new work could be seen after we had finished fitting them and polished the legs up to match standard. In addition to the work listed, also needing attention was the metal support structure that made up the back and arms. It had all become week and wobbly over the years so this was all sorted out and repaired / replaced prior to the upholstery work.

You can see more of the our previous restoration work throughout our website, or contact us direct for more help and advice. 

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