Mirror Gallery

We have a Passion for Mirrors - Some of our beautiful creations !


Hermes and the Serpents

Dimensions: H90cm x W60cm

Style and Influence: The inspiration for this mirror is from Greek Classic mythology. Hermes is the messenger of the Gods and traditionally represented with this type of mask and the entwined serpents. He is thought to be the bringer of luck and fertility. Our aim has been to capture the feel of Classical sculpture in the carving and give the piece a quality of the ancient world.

Materials and Finish: Lime and pinewood with water gilding that has a very antique, moody distress.


Essentially Italian

Dimensions: H119cm x W95cm

Style and Influence: The style of Italian furniture is a strong influence that has spread throughout the world over the centuries and has a force all of its own. It often uses beautiful colours alongside gilding and brasswork and has a very distinctive flavour. It is these Italian flavours that we have tried to capture in this design and the basis of the paint effect is taken from the frescoes of La Villa della Farnesina in Rome which Jason visited.

Materials and Finish: Pinewood, gesso, paint, brass and water gilding.


The Stately Home

Dimensions: H153cm x W110cm

Style and Influence: This mirror was built to reflect the style of furniture you can find in the great 18th Century houses of Britain, especially those which contain work by William Kent and his associates. Its dimensions are based on the golden section, a mathematical ratio synonymous with style and beauty throughout time. The architectural statements within it make a beautiful piece.

Materials and Finish: Pine and lime wood with water gild and distressed white paint finish.



St. Paul's

Dimensions: H153cm x W90cm

Style and Influence: We are really proud of this. It is an exact scale copy of a window of the East wing of Sir Christopher Wren's St. Paul's Cathedral. The proportion and ornamentation is exceptional and the headstone at the top and the selection of swags and pigeons at the bottom hae the flavour of Grinnling Gibbons, the great English wood carver who worked alongside Wren on many projects.

Materials and Finish: Pine with an applied gesso stone effect finish. The plate is leaded with stained glass and aged mirror.


Art Deco

Dimensions: H170cm x 78cm

Style and Influence: Through the 1920s and 30s the Art Deco movement thrived with its clean lines and geometric shapes, and this mirror takes up these themes and flirts with them. The keystone arrangement at the top is taken straight from architecture of the period and goes to make up a composite plate, i.e. a collection of plates comprising one larger plate. Such an arrangement can be very effective in many other types of mirrors and always looks stylish.

Materials and Finish: Pine moulding on back board with gunmetal patina.


Classical Architecture

Dimensions: H117cm x W105cm

Style and Influence: This mirror screams architecture. It contains all the language of the Classical structure, pedestal bases, doric columns, entablature, pediment and adornment with selective ornamentation, a format used on some of the Western world's greatest buildings time and time again. The beauty of columns in construction never seems to tire and it is always a pleasure to build any mirror that has one of the classical orders sampled within it.

Materials and Finish: Mahogany with waxed polish finish.


Patterned Circular Mirror

Dimensions: Diameter 102cm

Style and Influence: The starting point here was a Georgian glazed format that often appeared above entrance doorways. We have taken this typical over-door geometric configuration and given it a very modern funky interpretation with the use of natural white hardwoods, thin sleek lines and some beautiful stained glass. Reworking tried and tested patterns and presenting them in a new upbeat way is always exciting, fun to do and can be very effective.

Materials and Finish: Beech, ash, lead and stained glass with a wax finish.






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