Interactive Table with A Classic Yacht Flavour ----- A Table for the Boat House -----

At Furniture-Art we have regular clients that we work with on a continuous basis.

One such client is Arc Creative and they specialise in designing and installing interactional, educational displays for public spaces. Their designs are often unusual, quirky and fun and this desk that we have just made with them is a perfect example of their style of work.

It is to be situated in a boat house where a teacher can hold classes . The desk is to be a central piece around which the teacher can give talks and demonstrations  about the natural environment. Arc's design has given the whole thing a classic yacht  feel with its curves , high gloss mahogany and ivory gloss paint finish.  The 'D' end contains compartments with perspex lids so a selection of natural objects from surrounding environment can be displayed and discussed . The magnifier on top  allows smaller objects to be looked at carefully.  When it is finally installed on location it will also have on it zinc casts for taking rubbings off and  a selection of graphics applied.

A great design, a challenge to build but a  powerful item of furniture to have had a hand in creating.

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