Distressed Paint Finish ----- Old French Table with a Distressed paint Finish

Creating an authentic distressed finish can be relatively quick and easy. In the picture here we have made an elegant table for a client with the spec of it looking like an old French table that could sit anywhere.

One of the keys for a quick effect is to use  salvaged wood with an old dirty finish on it, it can save  you hours of work and it is nearly impossible to achieve the same effect with new wood. In the picture the wood used for the legs had a dirty blackened finish to it and a tad bashed up.  


Brewers acryllic undercoat and primer paint was applied liberally with a sponge  and then here is the trick that takes out all the hard work ... it was scraped off while still wet with a 90 degree scraper  as pictured.


As if by magic all the grain  is revealed and it looks 100 years old.  To add depth when dry a rottenstone powder was rubbed into the legs which killed off the new white look and made for a more authentic look.


For the top of the table old floor boards where used and coated with a couple of coats of water based satin varnish and then wire wooled and sanded back a bit to kill it off .


The table when finished just has a really authentic dry feel and  looks the business ... easy !!




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