Carving Process ----- Part 1 ----- Carving is a slow evolving process -----

In woodcarving nothing happens fast and beginners are often anxious that it will all go wrong very quickly and they will not be able to get the form that they are trying to create.

I always tell them not to worry as this is a slow motion process.  Form comes out only with patient diligence and there is plenty of time to adjust and hone what you are creating .  The woodcarving tools do the task for you and you just keep on working the wood until you achieve what you want to create. In the two pictures we can see the process evolving in the carving of a  flower for a restoration project on a table. There was the original which needed a bit of patching up and then a new one to make. You can see how in the lower half of the first picture the  desired shape is roughly created and then the specifics are carved as seen in the second pic.

Its fun but it is slow, there are hours of work gone on between these two pictures .  So just take your time and watch the magic of what the combination of tools and a pair of patient hands can create.






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