Gilding Repair on Perion Mirror ------ Repairing,Filling, Bole and Water Gilding -----

Here we are repairing a gilt mirror frame that has the usual kind of damage on a frame of this period
Splits cracks and bits missing.

A Creative Approach to Restoration A Creative Approach to Restoration

In restoration sometimes you have take a very creative approach to  period furniture to balance looks, what the piece  is worth and the nature of the damage you have to repair.

Carving Process ----- Part 1 ----- Carving is a slow evolving process -----

In woodcarving nothing happens fast and beginners are often anxious that it will all go wrong very quickly and they will not be able to get the form that they are trying to create.

Interactive Table with A Classic Yacht Flavour ----- A Table for the Boat House -----

At Furniture-Art we have regular clients that we work with on a continuous basis.

Distressed Paint Finish ----- Old French Table with a Distressed paint Finish

Creating an authentic distressed finish can be relatively quick and easy. In the picture here we have made an elegant table for a client with the spec of it looking like an old French table that

Part 1 ----- An Amazing Transformation ----- Blue Fabric Re-Upholstered Button Armchair

Chair restoration where new upholstery is applied is one of the most satisfying and even dramatic visual transformations that we witness at Furniture-Art.             

Classic Chair Restoration ----- A Classic Chair Restoration

Here is a lovely delicate little caned antique chair that we have just restored . It has all the classic signs of wear that chairs are susceptible to

Part 2 An Amazing Transformation ----- Blue Fabric Re-Upholstered Button Armchair -----

An Amazing Transformation continues the series of articles about our restored and reupholstered blue button armchair.